A bougainvillea garland

A taste of the Mediterranean in your home
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If there is one plant that immediately gives you a summery, happy feeling, it's bougainvillea. It makes us think of sultry summer days, walks through European villages and houses coloured with flora. This flowering plant fits in perfectly with the current cheerful style trend, Bright & Breezy where you hang the proverbial (and literal!) garlands yourself. Why not add some bougainvillea for even more of a colourful spectacle?

Hang zelf de slingers op met bougainvillea Mooiwatplantendoen.nl
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Don't have a plant pot at home that's suitable for hanging? Trying hanging your bougainvillea in a funny bucket, or a bag - it doesn't have to be a traditional plant pot. Why not cover a plant pot that's seen better days with brightly coloured vinyl and make holes for string? What's so nice about having a plant at eye level is that it adds a pleasantly surprising element of colour to your line of sight, and can brighten up an otherwise dull corner. Hang the bougainvillea above the dining table, in a living room corner or next to the TV to boost the amount of colour in your home. 

how to care for BOUGAINVILLEA

We know the bougainvillea mainly as an outdoor plant, so what does that mean for its care indoors? The plant likes heat but also likes to be sheltered, and tends towards being thirsty. Once the plant produces leaves and flowers, you can water it a little less as too much water means fewer flowers. During the flowering season, feed the plant once a month.


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