A little magic with sage in the garden

For yourself and nature

Sage is a popular garden perennial, and it's easy to see why. It grows each spring in green clumps, from which long, square stems emerge with blue-purple or violet-pink spikes. These attract insects and butterflies and move with the slightest breeze, bringing a lot of liveliness to your garden. According to the ancient Romans, sage was a holy herb with a cleansing effect on its immediate surroundings. That makes it a magically beautiful plant for humans and animals.

Een beetje magie met salie in de tuin Mooiwatplantendoen.nl
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Plant sage in a border and it will make a lush and dreamy path. Plant it in a small plant pot on the garden table as a centrepiece and it will bring visits from friendly butterflies and buzzing bees to your party. Small or large, its cheerful influence on the garden is contagious.

Een beetje magie met salie in de tuin Mooiwatplantendoen.nl

What’s in a name?

Sage's official name is Salvia nemerosa. Salvia comes from the Latin 'Salvere' which means something like 'to heal' and 'to save'. The suffix nemerosa is a contraction of nemus (forest) and amorosa (loving) and refers to the plant's preference for being near trees, shrubs and orchards. 


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