This fan palm makes your house both lovelier and healthier

Livistona is not the largest indoor palm, but it is the most elegant, with leaves that form almost a perfect circle. 

Livingstonpalme –

Colours and shapes 

The large fan -shaped leaves of Livistona rotundifolia seems to waft cool air towards you, and make this plant the most elegant palm around. New leaves constantly form from the heart with the leaf fingers bunched together, lending Livistona a very green appearance. Available in heights from 30 cm to stand on your desk up to an indoor palm extending 2 m. That’s small compared to other palms, but Livistona has so much personality that even a modest specimen has a big impact.  


Livistona is a member of the palm family and grows in the tropical and subtropical rainforests of South-East Asia, Australia and the Horn of Africa. Because the shine of Livistona’s leaves reflect the sunlight, large Livistonas are used in Malaysia as a natural parasol with built-in climate control. The plant derives its name from the Baron of Livingston, who established the botanical garden in Edinburgh in Scotland in 1670. 


No green symbolism is attached to Livistona, but that does not make the plant any less popular. The Aboriginals considered the heart of the plant to be a delicacy, and in the West it is a popular green air purifier. Livistona removes harmful substances from the air around it and thereby helps to prevent irritated eyes, headache and fatigue, amongst other things. The houseplant also has a positive effect on humidity.