DIY: Specialty palms wherever you look

Palms and pot combined harmoniously

By providing your specialty palms with a personalised container, pot and plant merge seamlessly. And you can’t get much more personalised than having its own leaves as the pattern on the pot. It looks beautiful, provides a calm appearance and fits perfectly into the interior trend in which organic botanical shapes work together to create an oasis into which you can retreat. How much more specialty do you want your palms to be? 

Exclusieve Palmen DIY

You will need:

  • 2 Livistona palms

  • A sizeable, strong bag

  • Pinking shears/scissors

  • Binbag 

  • Wide (paper) adhesive tape

  • Ecoline in various colours: green, blue and yellow

  • 1 loose Livistona leaf

  • Bowl and brush

How to make it:   

Sep 1

Cut the bag to size: the edge should be slightly higher than the height of the pot.  

Step 2

Place the Livistona leaf on the bag and paint around it, moving it a little each time. The more water you use, the more exciting the effect. The colours can run into one another. Allow to dry thoroughly before painting the back.  

Step 3

Stick the binbag onto the inside, well below the top edge, and place the plants in your beautiful tropical pot. It's one of a kind - a brand-new Old Master!