Hanging indoor garden -with indoor trees

More greenery in the air

Indoor trees are sizeable housemates that need space, but no one ever said you have to place them against a wall or off to one side - you can also hang them up. That way you get greenery at a height and in a place where you wouldn’t normally expect to see it and best of all it, leave more room on the floor. A plant up high projects serenity and is the epitome of calm and clutter-free living. 

Floating circles with greenery  

The first thing you need to hang up an indoor tree is a strong ceiling with a sturdy hook in it. You also need a flexible (plastic) net that’s strong enough to hold your indoor tree. Bird netting that’s used to protect ponds and fruit trees will do the job. The indoor tree can be in any sort of pot in the net, but a round bowl looks more harmonious and sits a little better. Those round shapes also fit with the popular trend of circular elements in interior design.  

Practical style statement 

The hanging indoor tree references kokedama, plants that float from the ceiling on a ball of moss. The advantage of using nets is that you can use much larger plants and a waterproof bowl so that watering is not a palaver. It’s also quite easy to make changes. If your indoor tree is growing upwards quickly, you can lower it a little. If you need some extra space, you can just raise it up for a while. Simple!

Hangende binnentuin met Kamerbomen