Gear & garments for fathers with taste

Because good preparation makes all the difference

The season for working and having fun in the garden is well underway. It’s time to get raking, mowing and weeding before stretching out in the hammock with bare feet. Don’t be afraid that you’ll look ridiculous with floral aprons, bright green wellies or ‘little old lady’ gardening sets. Gear & garments for the garden are so sophisticated nowadays you could almost be seen with them on the street. Almost…

A fabulous blanket to keep you warm

The throws and blankets from Pendleton are internationally renowned. Not just because of the large range of distinctive prints, but particularly because of their links with America’s national parks. Wrap yourself in a rugged blanket and snuggle up next to your campfire in style.  

Jute carrier for any load

The classic carrier was the first product sold by the Carrier Company. 18 years later it’s still an essential part of the collection. Use it to carry cuttings or blocks of wood and then hang it off a hook in your shed. 

A durable apron

An apron for outdoor work needs to be tough: it needs to survive the seasons as well as cope with sharp thistles and soil stains. This denim apron in no way resembles a girly floral apron - instead it compliments your outfit. Roll up your sleeves and get your apron on! 

Roll & go

The Iron & Resin tool roll will make you want to get stuck into the garden. Rolled up, this tool carrier is easy to transport. Chuck it in the boot of your car or keep it in your shed. 

Who’s that man lighting the BBQ?

Anyone who loves their garden has a barbecue, and men often view this as their domain. Grant his wish with this handy and rugged barbecue apron. Now all you need is some meat on the grill. When you’ve finished, it rolls up easily until the next sunny summer evening.

Wellington boots

Your feet need to stay dry and warm, even when you’re working with one foot in the pond. Those feet deserve impressive wellies like this stylish, rugged pair from the Finnish brand Nokian. They're also perfect for festivals! 

But before we surprise our fathers with all these brilliant accessories, we need to ask ourselves the following question: what’s the garden looking like? There’s probably room for a couple of robust olive trees, some fun lemon trees or perhaps a mandevilla to provide some colour. Don’t forget to take a look at our competition: you can win an olive tree for your dad this year!