Garden trend 2017: The elegant balanced garden

Find peace amongst the greenery

We have formulated three style trends for the garden for 2017 with which we would like to inspire you. You can apply the trends on a large or small scale, on your balcony or in your garden. Go the whole hog or just use a few details. Discover the Elegant balanced garden trend.

Garden trend 2017: The elegant balanced garden The

This era is characterised by an emphasis on integration and emancipation. These themes recur in the balanced garden: everything in it is equally important. There are no centrepieces or specific sightlines, the colours are mixed and friendly, the materials are soft and minimalist, but they are surprising. Earthenware hangs, wicker stands and you can combine elegant garden bloomers like Begonia and Mandevilla with the robust, simple lines of the Olive. The effect is a calm atmosphere in which masculine and feminine elements are balanced and everyone will feel at peace.

This is what it looks like: