Garden trend 2017: The cheerful power garden

Gain energy on your patio

We have formulated three garden trends for 2017, for a total garden metamorphosis or as inspiration for the forgotten corner on your patio. We hereby present the cheerful power garden trend.

Garden trend 2017: The cheerful power garden

This trend garden is all about the growing interest in health and wellness. The strong colours of the orange tree and Mandevilla radiate warmth and energy, laurel is a reference to a winner’s mentality, and steps can prompt some spontaneous exercise (not advisable in a heatwave). The shapes are athletic, like a garden table with a steel mesh motif, korfball hoops as pots and bowls with stripes. This creates an optimistic mood which reflects exercise and relaxation. As if the garden is the extension of a spa or sports clinic that provides you with enough energy so that you can give 110% again.

This is what it looks like: