Flowers for bees

Support biodiversity from your garden, terrace or balcony

Plants are essential for the survival of our planet. In addition to producing the very oxygen we breathe, they are the basis of most of the food chains on earth. More than a third of our resources depend on pollinating insects, 80% of which are bees. By pollinating a very wide variety of wild and cultivated plants, foragers play an essential role in maintaining biodiversity. However, everywhere in the world, their numbers are collapsing. Diseases and pests, urbanisation and climate change are reducing their food resources in pollen and plant nectar.

This summer, try some simple technique and (re)discover varieties of honey plants for your garden or balcony, to help bees survive.

Flowers for bees |

Resources for bees

In the city, as in the countryside, it's important to take the right steps to help bees and contribute to the survival of the ecosystem. Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, there are suitable honey plants. Whether you're after a funky atmosphere, an urban farm, graphic lines or low-maintenance plants, there are many different styles of landscaping for a garden or summer balcony that contributes to biodiversity.

Although they are very active in spring and summer, these precious foragers also need resources in fall and winter. Fortunately, honey plants are numerous and very varied and offer you the opportunity to enjoy, according to the seasons, a garden as beautiful for you as it is good for the bees - all year round.

A bee shelter

In addition to feeding bees, consider offering them shelter. Contrary to popular belief, all bees do not necessarily live in a colony and in fact around 80% of their total population are solitary. By setting up a bee hotel in your outdoor space, you're offering these creatures a space where they can set up their nests. You can embark on a fun DIY, buy a ready-made one, or try to win a beautifully designed modern bee hotel by Capi Europe

By having a variety of honey plants and taking a few simple actions, whatever the size of your outdoor space, you can contribute at all scales and in all seasons to enriching biodiversity for the survival of bees and therefore of our entire planet.

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