DIY: two options for table decorations

Traditional or modern

At Christmas time you push the boat out. There’s no using kitchen paper as a napkin today, but attractive linen in a ceramic napkin ring. And to enhance the chic appearance of the tableware, you give it an extra finishing touch: a small bunch of Christmas cheer. Now your table decorations are complete. 

DIY: two options for table decorations -

What you need:

  • Linen napkins

  • Attractive napkin ring (e.g. ceramic) 

  • Attractive sprigs of foliage

  • White or red berries (snowberries or rosehips)

How to make it

Match the dressing of your plates to the rest of the table. Give it that December vibe by adding some classy elements like a gold edge or deep colours. 

Choose a napkin in the matching colour and place it in the napkin ring. The bundle of sprigs and berries need only include a few items to make a statement. You can tie it with some sisal string, and then insert the bundle through the napkin ring. 

It’s that simple! Will you opt for classic red or a modern white Christmas variant?