Bring warmth into your home with plants

For a house full of sunshine

Winter...the best season to make your home as warm and comfortable as possible! Don't just turn on the heating and flop onto the sofa. With our tips for a warm, cosy home, we show you how colour and feel as bring a natural warmth into your house. Read on and get inspired!

kamerplanten | cymbidium | varen | asparagus
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warm colours

An home with warm tones helps you relax and feel more balanced. How? Warm colours make us feel warm, safe and secure. They make you feel calmer and make it easier to recharge at home. Wondering how to create more warmth in your interior? With the tips below, you can warm up and green up your interior!


Add earthy tones to your furniture and walls. Think of wooden furniture in different shades of brown, such as a sofa or cupboard in a brown or striking orange shade. Give your walls a warm colour, too. Think terracottas, deep browns and warm taupe and cream colours. Change your wall colour with a lick of paint or wallpaper. The advantage of wallpaper is that it looks extra rich and warm.


Plants add a natural, warm feel to your interior. They improve the acoustics in your room and help you relax. In short, plants are indispensable for a warm and cosy feeling in your home! Do you want to make the best possible plant match? Then avoid plants such as cacti and choose plants with a touch of warmth in their leaves, atmospheric indoor trees and/or bloomers with earth tones. For example, how about the Cymbidium (orchid), Bromeliad and Calathea?

If you could use some help choosing matching plants, get inspired by the plants from our examples. Above: Aglaomorpha Coronans Jim, Cymbidium, Schismatoglottis Wallichii, Asparagus Fern and Fern Adiantum. Below: Philodendron Scandens, Blue Fern, Rhipsalis and Dieffenbachia.

interieur aardetinten | houten muur


Don't forget your decorations, because subtle details have a big effect. Let your houseplants shine in plant pots with warm, earthy colours. Continue the earthy tones in cushions, rugs, candle holders, lampshades and wall decorations. Keep that warmth coming!

the effects of a warm, greenery-filled home

By warming and greening your interior, you not only create a space that is beautiful to look at, but also a soothing haven where you can recharge, unplugged! Are you getting started with a warmer home yourself? We're curious! Share the result with us on Instagram with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.

more inspiration

Curious about how else to give your interior a warm look and feel? Then discover the effect of these 3 stylish XL house plants and find the perfect plant for your home here. For your daily dose of inspiration, follow us on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest