DIY: a room spray with the scent of Christmas

Pine and limonium, mmm

There's nothing like the smell of Christmas. Pine scent mixed with notes of cedar, cinnamon, patchouli, clove, mandarin and vanilla evokes instant warm festive feelings. Wouldn't you like to have that scent drifting through your whole house. We have the perfect home spray for you, so you can bring that ultimate Christmas feeling into every room.

DIY: a room spray with the scent of Christmas |
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Spray it!

Making your own room spary is not difficult. All you need is demineralised water and alcohol for the base. After that, you can choose which flowers and twigs to add - and don't forget the essential oils. After all, they make up the scent. Do you like spicy, warm, soft or strong? For this Christmas home spray, it's a good idea to use pine-scented oils, because nothing screams 'Christmas' more than the smell of a spruce, right? 

Beautiful blooms

Choose the flowers you add to the home spray with care. Apart from the scent, the flowers also create a vibe and atmosphere that makes it so great to have out on display. If you're making it a gift, it's nice to choose a flower that reminds you of the recipient, or that you have special Christmas memories of.

Beautiful atomisers

When you have selected your fragrances, it is time to choose a nice atomiser. Or several! You might as well spray your whole house with fantastic fragrances and have one in every room, or give a spray as a present to a loved one that they can enjoy for a while. 

You will need (to make 100ml of room spray):

  • 50 ml demineralised water
  • 50 ml alcohol (alcohol is needed so the oil can mix with the water)
  • 25-30 drops of pure, organic essential oil*
  • Bottle with atomiser (transparent, so you can see the flowers clearly) 
  • Flowers/branches for the home spray - we used pine branches and limonium 
  • Measuring cup

*You can order different oils from a health food store or online. For winter fragrances, think of cedarwood, cinnamon, patchouli, pine, clove, mandarin or vanilla. Here, we used pine oil in combination with mandarin. Use organic essential oil for preference. If you have pets, make sure your pet doesn't ingest any essential oils, as they can be harmful.

How to make it

  • Put the flowers/branches in the bottle with the atomiser**.
  • Pour the demineralised water into the bottle
  • Add the alcohol
  • Then add the drops of essential oil
  • Screw the cap on and shake gently so everything mixes well
  • Decorate the bottle with tape, put a nice label on it and your home spray is ready

**We used pine branches and limonium for this home spray, but you can use different flowers or fresh herbs to enhance the fragrance. Depending on the season, you can also use other fragrant flowers such as clematis, lavender, white wax flower or jasmine. Let us inspire you!


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