DIY: Advent candleholders with a floral touch

Marking four Sundays to Christmas is suddenly too short
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The run-up to Christmas is also known as the Advent period. The four Sundays in particular each mark a special moment: a new candle is lit every Sunday. That means we can enjoy four burning Advent candles during the Christmas celebrations. Well ... at least four. Because a lot of people also light a small candle for the days in between. Do it your own way and create new traditions. Starting with a brand-new Advent candleholder. 


Going vintage

A new December tradition based on centuries-old rituals. That sounds like vintage with a twist. The ‘old’ candleholders can go into the display cabinet - it’s time for something new. You've probably got half the ingredients in your home already. Bring out the champagne glasses and the finest flowers and plants. Dust off your lovely crystalware, or fetch your stylish glasses down from the attic. A mixture of glasses gives exactly the look you want. The next step is: the floral touch.

Advent in purple and pink

Have you ever noticed that the advent period is filled with purple? Just look at the vestments in church. Except the third Sunday, which is traditionally celebrated in festive pink. Obviously you can follow this by choosing purple and pink candles, but it might look even lovelier to opt for white candles combined with purple and pink flowers and leaves. And there are a host of purple and pink options in December. The chrysanthemum, lisianthus and amaryllis are happy to take care of the first, second and last purple Sunday for you. Pink roses can cover the third, joyful Sunday. 

The feeling and fragrance of Christmas

And the perfect finishing touch is to add beautiful sprigs of ice-blue spruce to the candleholders. That creates a lovely Christmas mood and scent. Obviously you can keep adding and modifying. We’ve kept it simple, but give your Christmas spirit free rein with mini baubles, fairy lights and a holly base. Is it Christmas yet?