Colourful roommate

You will bring colour and joy into your interior with this stately flower beauty. You will definitely get through the dark winter days with the Amaryllis.


Strange fact: the Amaryllis is also known under the name Hippeastrum which is its real name. Regardless, this stately plant will bring you colour in dark days, in red, pink, white, orange, yellow or green.


Amaryllis colours dark days

The Amaryllis grows out of a bulb, just like its brothers and sisters in the Narcissus family. It originates from Mexico and the Caribbean, but the Amaryllis has no problem adapting to your living room. If the plant is happy, it will surprise you with shining green leaves and fresh coloured flowers. It will help you survive the winter.




Care Amaryllis

  • Position: A light position.
  • Water: Not too much water.
  • Special features: The Hippeastrum is often sold under the name Amaryllis.