Amaryllis marks the start of Christmas

A festive mood, but with a twist

Although you’re looking forward to Christmas, you don’t want to go full-on festive straightaway. Opt for a soft launch Christmas with Amaryllis

Amaryllis marks the start of Christmas

If there’s one flowering houseplant that lends itself to experiments with height, it’s the stately Amaryllis. You’re familiar with it as a cut flower, exciting bulb and as an indoor bloomer. But the plant can also achieve lift-off! 

Colour at an unexpected height  

Instead of a candle, you place a blob of moss at the bottom of a lantern or terrarium. All the nutrients are already present in the amaryllis bulb, so it can be placed on it or wrapped in it without you having to worry about it. That way the plant will grow upright or diagonally, providing colour where you wouldn’t expect it and acting as an alternative Christmas decoration in the dark days of December. 

Or upside down! 

If you want to go a step further, you can also hang Amaryllis upside down. In that case leave the bulb intact and tie a net around it so that you can hang it up. Leave it alone until the stem emerges. After a couple of weeks you’ll have fabulous flowers hanging above your head as a flamboyant counterpoint to the mistletoe. Merry Amaryllis!