Create a fresh balance with Amaryllis

Everything bare outside, everything radiantly in bloom indoors

With the stylish Amaryllis everything is balanced, from the elegant smooth stem to the voluptuous flower. And that fits perfectly with the equalise mood trend for December.

Create a fresh balance with Amaryllis at home

The new normal brings a pleasing balance to the home in which everything is equal. Masculine and feminine shapes have equal value, as do size and type. Amaryllis is the perfect combination of two worlds:  a robust plant with a surprisingly delicate appearance. Even the style of flowering fits the template. Everything starts with a hard bulb in which life germinates. That life manifests itself as a minimalist smooth stem from which soft buds and opulent flowers then emerge. Place a few of these fabulous winter bulbs together and your room will bloom in a calm and friendly way. 

How to style Amaryllis

In order to maintain a balance between the masculine and feminine elements that make up the equalise trend, you should opt for pots which combine them: stone with a velvet strip or warm coloured ceramic with a metallic top or bottom. They look good in groups. Place all your Amaryllises together as a blooming indoor garden, so that you have three separate visual layers. The pots form the base. Above that is a transparent layer of stems that allows the light to permeate. And above that is a stripe of colour created by the flowers. Everything balanced - that’s the secrete of cosy living in an emancipated interior.