DIY Amaryllis: new look, familiar glamour

Looking for a new equilibrium in January

Amaryllis in a group easily allows you to create a new kind of balance in your interior. The glory of the flowers creates a coloured stripe at the top, whilst the stylish stems provide openness below. And these covered tins as the containers create the balanced look that’s so popular right now: a hard material with a soft look, smooth stems with extravagant flowers. Nothing in the starring role, everything is equal, to create a calm, warm atmosphere that fits perfectly with this time of year.  

Amaryllis DIY

You will need: 

  • Various amaryllises 

  • Tins in various sizes (old storage tins, empty food cans)  

  • Assorted wide ribbons, pieces of fabric and (wall)paper.

  • Scissors 

  • Glue gun or glue. 

How to make it

Step 1:

Cut strips out of the various materials that are long enough to fold round the tins. 

Step 2:

Cover the tins with fabric, wallpaper and ribbon and glue the ends together. It’s important that the top and bottom edge of the tin are covered in different colours and materials. 

Step 3:

Fill the tins with soil.  When the Amaryllis bulb is placed in it, the bulb can stick out above the edge. Display the tins together as a blooming collection.