Festive conifers: December's garden plants

A forest full of personality

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree — how beautifully green, unique and arresting your branches are! Of course the spruce and fir tree are in the spotlight when we hit December. Don’t overlook what they can offer during the rest of the year, though: they make for excellent sculptural focus points in the garden. The conifer family is extensive, and every variety has its own characteristics. Some species look like they’ve come straight from a Japanese garden. Others are interestingly-shaped characters with hanging branches that cast absorbing silhouettes for a bit of shadow theatre. There are also stately firs with bluish-grey tones that light up beautifully in the moonlight. These trees look stunning even when they aren't adorned with decorations or fairylights, and you get to enjoy their greenery in summer as well.

December Duo
Spruce (Picea)
Fir (Abies)

Festive pines  -Thejoyofplants.co.uk