Cheerful violas and other winter friends

How to tackle the winter blues

The viola has so many desirable features: large or small colourful flowers, easy to live with, able to cope with cold and generally cheerful. 

Autumn violas and other autumnal friends

These colourful stars will help raise the spirits in your conservatory, window box or on your patio:


Cushion chrysanthemum

For a pretty padio you have to include the cushions chrysanthemum. These globes bursting with golden flowers come in purple, lilac, cognac, yellow, ochre, white, old pink and dark red.


Fountain grass grasses

They sway in the wind, rustle quietly and bring some height to your view. After flowering, ornamental grasses like pampas grass and fountain grass also remain green, which combines beautifully with the coloured violas and chrysanthemum flowers. Don’t forget to wave back …


Bergthee Mooiwatplantendoen.nlCheckerberry

Flowers that develop into red berries which contrast beautifully with the green leaves: that’s what checkerberry offers. This hardy groundcover will flaunt its berries until spring, giving you something to look at. No risk of the winter blues then!


Ling heather

Ling heather glows pink and purple in late summer. The plant brings something tough and rugged to your patio, and retains its wild look after flowering as you enjoy its tiny fresh green leaves. Ling heather is also an important source of heather honey. Honey bees and bumble bees use the nectar to top up their stock of honey for winter.



Skimmia japonica 'Pabella' has berries which change colour in autumn from green to bright red. You can enjoy them for ages, because unlike other berry-bearing plants (like the checkerberry described above) the berries are not popular with birds and small garden mammals. Leaving all the more to serve as eye candy for you!

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