Be anti-Valentine with these tough soloists

No BF/GF? Then get a PFF

All those totally besotted couples, hearts, red roses, flirty text messages and chocolate. Are you sick of it all too? Well you're certainly not alone! In case of emergency (i.e. No BF/GF) these PFFs (Plant Friend Forever) will be by your side.

Carnivorous plants

Could you drink someone’s blood?  Cannibal snacks like that are food and drink to carnivorous plants. In fact, they go even further by gobbling up the flies in your home. They consume every scrap of them!

Vleesetende planten

Prickly cactus

If you’re hard-core anti-Valentine, the obvious choice really is the cactus. These prickly friends like to be left alone - just like you today. 


Cuddly ficus

Or do you really need a cuddle? Then throw yourself into the leaves of the Ficus 'Anouk'. This green beauty cleans the air around you, so you soon feel great again. 

(Not so) cheesy succulent

If you’ve found someone at the last minute that you want to surprise, show your love with the sweetheart plant. Not too cheesy, but very cute.