Sunflowers in a tree

Small plants up high
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When you think of summer, do sunflowers spring to mind? These cheerful individuals shine like the sun and bring that extra bit of summer mood to every home and patio. Although sunflowers can get fairly sizeable with a little care and love, they don’t actually start out that way. Cheat and have your sunflowers bloom up high by hanging them pot and all in a tree!


You don’t need many. A few small sunflowers, cheerful pots and some attractive string for securing everything. Vary the heights to create a playful effect. That proud oak tree will immediately start to beam with its new accessories. 

Or just on your balcony ...

Don’t have a garden? No problem. Attach the pots of sunflowers to upright pallets or hooks on the wall. You can use stools to create nice height differences in order to bring that lovely Mediterranean feel to your balcony or patio as well.

Season over? Take a look at our fantastic DIY project for drying sunflowers for the birds