Pretty leaves

Leaf patterns and designs of leaves
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The Dieffenbachia is known for its beautiful leaf patterns in green, yellow and white. The artistic duo Inaluxe also love leaves and give them their own colourful twist.

Botanical Assembly van kunstenaarsduo Inaluxe
Inaluxe creates colourful leaf prints

Colourful leaves by Inaluxe

Inaluxe is an Australian design bureau, consisting of Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd. The design duo take their inspiration from nature: organic shapes, birds and animals. Because Kristina and Jason were both born in the 70’s they use the bright colours from that time. This delivers lovely, colourful prints with a strong retro feel, just like on the photo.

Where can you buy Inaluxe prints?

You can buy Inaluxe prints with leaves, flowers and more abstract shapes, online on the Inaluxe webshop . That will save you a trip to Australia! So as well as the Dieffenbachia, you can have even more leaf beauty in your home.