This is how the Dieffenbachia got its name

From the jungle in Brazil to Empress Sisi’s garden in Vienna

Do you know how the tropical Dieffenbachia got its name? Thejoyofplants has done some research and would like to tell you about it.

Luchtzuiverende en tropische plant Dieffenbachia -
The Dieffenbachia was named after Mr. Dieffenbach

The name Dieffenbachia

The beautiful air purifier on your desk, the Dieffenbachia, has quite a special name. This hasn’t just come out of a name book, but is based on the name of an Austrian. In the nineteenth century this Austrian, Joseph Dieffenbach, took the plant home after an expedition in Brazil. The Dieffenbachia had been growing naturally in the jungle for years. As well as a world traveller, Mr. Dieffenbach was also the head gardener of the royal garden of the Schönbrunn palace in Austria, where Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sisi, lived. To commemorate his work, the director of the palace gardens Heinrich Wilhelm Schott, named the plant Dieffenbachia in around 1830.

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