DIY: pimp your Dieffenbachia pot

Super quick metamorphosis of your plant pot
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So fun to make: trendy pots for your Dieffenbachia and no, it’s not really difficult.

 DIY tip voor maken potten voor je Dieffenbachia, moowatplantendoen
The Dieffenbachia in a handmade pot

DIY: pimp your Dieffenbachia pot

Are your Dieffenbachias looking lovely, but in boring pots? Give them then a super quick metamorphosis in an idea by stylist Elize Eveleens. This is what you need:

  • A couple of Dieffenbachias in boring pots;
  • Fabric or paper in your favourite colour(s);
  • Bamboo skewers;
  • Large needles; 
  • Thick thread.

Cut the fabric or paper into a piece that can wrap around the pot. Make sure you cut the piece big enough so that you can fold the edges in. Wrap the piece around the pot and fix it in place with pegs, bamboo skewers or a couple of large cross stitches. You can also hold the wrap in place with a long piece of fabric with a knot in it. Lovely? Very lovely!