Shady hero with modest needs

This indoor tree has a more tree-like silhouette, complete with trunk, branches and crown. When all of that comes in a manageable living room format, what more could you want?  

Colours and shapes 

Polyscias is a remarkable indoor tree. It’s one of the few houseplants that like to be in the shade, and develops distinctive branches on which attractive leaves grow from the bottom to the top. Depending on the variety, the leaves can be green, yellow or white, and either round or heart-shaped. Because Polyscias grows straight upwards, the shape remains fairly compact, so this indoor tree is also suitable for smaller spaces. As the trunk is partly concealed behind the leaves, it gives more of a woodland feel in your home.



'Poly' means 'many' and 'scias' means 'shade' in Greek. There is no specific symbolism associated with the plant.  


Polyscias is native to areas around the Pacific. The greatest variety of species can be found on Vanuatu, where they have been used for fencing for centuries. The plant is a member of a diverse family, and is related to both ginseng and ivy. The local population eat the leaves of some species, but it should be noted that the cultivated variety is not suitable for consumption. It’s a fabulous indoor tree that brings ample peace and greenery to a tricky spot. Polyscias can reach a height of one and a half metres indoors. The somewhat Oriental structure of the plant and appearance of the leaves look their best in a spot where the plant is not hedged in.