New year, fresh colour in your garden

There are the things to plant in January

After celebrating the festive period with friends and family, 2017 has suddenly arrived. A good time to go and get some fresh air in the garden, and there’s plenty to enjoy out there right now.

Winter heather

For example, winter heather brings lots of colour to a garden that would otherwise look a bit dull and sombre. This Garden Plant of the Month for January is available with white, pink, red, purple or golden flowers. You can plant it out now, provided that the soil isn’t frozen, or you can place the plants in pots and containers in fresh soil. Mix the colours together a bit for a fresh and cheerful start to the new year.


What else can you do in the garden?

You can also plant violas in containers now for more winter vitality. Also check whether there are plants that need some water, for example if the weather’s been dry with lots of wind. At the same time you can tie some branches back or wrap containers in bubblewrap if there’s a prospect of frost.

Want to know more?

You can read more about your autumn and winter garden, hardy and non-hardy plants in this handy article about autumn and winter in the garden.