DIY: Create your own vertical pallet autumn garden

Space-saving, practical and lovely to look at

As nature starts its end-of-year show, you can still have all sorts of things growing and blooming in the microclimate on your balcony or patio.

Vertical gardens are ideal if you have a small garden or balcony and still want plenty of greenery. They’re popular as a spot for growing herbs and plants for picking, but they also make an excellent green wall covering. If you like home-grown produce, you can still get a reasonable harvest of rocket, coriander and pak choi in the autumn. Herbs will also continue to grow lavishly. But of course you could also fill a pallet garden with autumn violets, checkerberry, aster and heather. 

You will need: 

● 1 wooden pallet

● Enough landscape fabric or ground cover plastic to cover the pallet twice. 

● Garden soil (reckon on two 25 kg bags)

● Staple gun

● Plants such as autumn violets, grasses, prickly heath, checkerberry, heuchera, small ornamental shrubs, ling heather, etc.

Let's start!

Step 1. Choose the best-looking side for the front, and lay the pallet down on that side. Staple the landscape fabric on the base, sides and back. If the fabric looks thin, apply a double layer. Really get stuck in - insert a staple every 3 cm. The fabric / plastic must be firmly fixed to all the cross-pieces.

Step 2. Lay the pallet flat on its back as close as possible to the place where it will be installed.

Step 3. First insert the plants at the top. They can be close together - the less soil that falls out, the better.

Step 4. Now fill the pallet with soil through the gaps and distribute the rest of the plants across it. They can also be planted close together. Make sure there's plenty of variation. Insert a couple of hanging plants on the sides.

Step 5. Tilt the pallet upright, and place it against a wall at a slight angle. Water at the top - gravity will do the rest.