New season gardening essentials

Tools to help you get back out into the garden
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Suddenly it’s May already. All around you can see greenery shooting into the air and leaves erupting like mad. And this month you'll naturally want to be spending more time in the garden. Here's a round-up of essential accessories to get you back into the swing of things. 

Summer bird parties

Apples are no longer associated with wicked stepmothers. From now on they are actually the place to be for lunch, dinner, and every hot ticket bird party. This hanging feeder ensures that entire families of birds can drop by for a snack. The sleek design comes from Scandinavian designers Ahnlund-Karlen.

Protection for baby plants

This fairtrade gem provides the perfect protection for the plants that need it. No birds will be able to pick the fruit too early, but some gentle sunshine is very welcome through the holes and gaps. This seedling protector is handwoven with split bamboo in Cambodia, and comes in various sizes.

More colour in the garden

Encourage enthusiasm in the garden with these cheerful gardening sets. The coral floral print was originally a textile pattern created by William Kilburn in around 1790.

Comfort for green fingers

The green fingers of amazing women deserve tools that fit perfectly. That’s why the designs from Sophie Conran have a smaller handle for better grip. Which makes gardening super-comfortable!

Stylish harvest

Soon the fruit trees will be announcing that they’re ready for the taking. But placing the perfectly produced fruit in a plastic bowl after picking is definitely a no-no. Berries, blackberries and raspberries should be stacked stylishly, after which the gift can be placed on the table as the perfect fruit tapas. This unique trug is handmade in New Zealand.