Must-haves for men with aspiring green fingers

Vitamin Plant: what do you actually need?

If you don’t know how often and how much water you should give your plant, and whether your new botanical pal needs any other special treatment, you should download one of the many apps that tell you everything about plants. Keeping a plant happy and alive requires a certain amount of effort  - more for some than for others. Below we have listed a few must-haves for men.

Flower Power mooiwatplantendoen

Water alert

Suddenly it’s a couple of weeks down the line and the plant is trying to signal with its drooping leaves that it really needs some water! Sometimes the plant even adds yellowing and withering into the mix, but you’ve got other things on your mind. Check out this wireless monitor and app: the updated version of the Flower Power from Parrot. It measures the sunlight, the temperature, the nutrient level and the moisture in the soil so that you know precisely when you need to act.

Spruitje Vitamine Plant

Plugged-in plants

Power sockets make life more fun.  We might prefer wireless, but in any case, we want something electric! That’s why these plants from Spruitje are literally plugged in. 

Multi purpose bucket

Pour and dig

As a plant novice you might want to throw yourself in at the deep end, but don’t get too carried away with that indoor jungle! One plant is enough for starters. But how to water it? A big watering can is a bit excessive and an ordinary glass of water is impractical. How about this: a mini watering can that you can also dig with!

Hangende kruidentuin

Table for two

If you’ve got some leftover food, give it to your plant! The Re-Feed converts food into compost. Sharing your meal with your plant is a great way to bond!