Local resources & plants = art

Try it yourself too

The birds and the bees have always been a big source of inspiration for the arts. They still inspire us every day. Be enchanted by Sarah Illenbergers’ art project, found in edition #6 of The Green Gallery

Sarah Illenberger / sarahillenberger.com Mooiwatplantendoen.nlCopyright: Sarah Illenberger / sarahillenberger.com

A personal art project

Sarah Illenbergers’ Wonderplants series comprises of light, cheerful leaves decorated with colourful DIY materials. Sarah had the idea during a six-week trip to Portugal. The project was created using resources available locally, such as plants, stickers and tape. Add some local inspiration like Portuguese tiles and African fabrics, and you end up with colourful botanical art. 

Do it yourself

If you would like to start an art project featuring leaves, we have various ideas for a fantastic craft project. Dip dye beautiful leaves, make bunting out of leaves or get to work with your handlettering skills.