DIY: autumn leaf chain

Bring autumn indoors with beautiful leaves

We love the way autumn leaves rustle in the wind and crunch underfoot. If you do too, create a tribute to them with this DIY project which falls into the ‘Anyone can do it’ category.

DIY: autumn leaf chain -

Whether you’re aiming for a beautiful finished product or just something creative to do with your kids on a dull afternoon, this is the ideal craft project. 

What you will need for a chain of autumn leaves:

  • Attractive autumn leaves: choose various shapes, sizes and colours. Note: they need to have a stem for this chain;

  • A strong piece of string as long as you want the chain to be;

  • Thinner string with which you can secure the leaves, or fun pegs;

  • White permanent marker;

  • Scissors.

How to make the autumn leaf chain:

  • Make sure the leaves are nice and dry.

  • Use the marker to draw patterns on the leaf, the more varied the better.

  • Allow the patterns to dry thoroughly.

  • Use the thin string or the pegs to secure the leaves’ stems to the thicker string.

  • Make sure that the leaves are more or less evenly spaced.

  • Satisfied? Pick an attractive wall and hang your work of art there.

It’s that easy!

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