October Garden plants: Roof Planting

Bio-architecture in action

Living roofs are both wonderfully eye-catching and a great addition to the natural environment. Not only do they purify the air by absorbing and filtering carbon emissions, they also increase the biodiversity of your area. A living roof attracts insects, and that means you'll also have friendly birds hopping by. It's also a great insulator, not just in terms of temperature, but also for muffling external noises. Because the plants take up water, you're less likely to suffer drips, leaks and flooding in the event of heavy rain and storms.

The plants require virtually no maintenance, and will grow well on almost every roof. Why not start by bedding in some roof plants on a small surface area like the top of a lean-to, shed or birdhouse? You could even design and build yourself a trendy vertical wall garden.

These plants are brilliant for bio-architecture:



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