DIY: dip dye autumn leaves

Lend even more colour to autumn!

Autumn has a fantastic colour palette: ochre, claret and mocha. Lend even more colour to the season by brightening up autumn leaves from the garden with a colourful dip dye.

Dip dye herfstbladeren

What you need:

  • Chasmanthiu latifolium (spangle grass) and Japanese maple leaves

  • Thick books

  • Acrylic paint

  • Brush

Get to work

Dry the leaves you want to use between thick books. How long to dry them for depends on the leaf you've chosen. Allow least one week's drying time. You can help the leaves to dry by drying them in the oven at a low temperature. When the leaves are completely dry you can paint them as you see fit with acrylic paint. You can 'dip' the leaves in the paint, or you can use a brush. When the paint’s dried you can use your works of art as decorations around the home or to decorate gifts.

Have fun!