International Day of the Orchid

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this fabulous plant on 3 September

If, as a plant, you have your own day - and an international one at that - you must be quite something. Soon a mere plant pot won’t be enough to contain you. The big, rugged leaves with a sweet tip at the end of the stem make the orchid a pearl amongst plants. There are no fewer than 25,000 species, all of which will be in the spotlight on the first Thursday in September. And for that one day, a bit of direct sunlight probably won’t do any harm.

Inspirational Route of the Orchid

This year you can follow the Route of the Orchid for the first time. This ode to the stylish little plant with the lavish flowers is a walk full of surprises through Amsterdam, London, Paris or Cologne. Different venues, brands and artists will surprise you with beautiful things inspired by, or featuring orchids. If you’d like to know more about the orchid route in London/Paris/Cologne, you can find the programme here.

Your own ode to the orchid

By midway along the route you will definitely have realised that there’s always an orchid that suits you - and your interior - perfectly. This fantastic plant comes in an incredible range of colours, varieties and markings, from vivid green and purple to sober white. The classy orchid is much tougher than you think, and not at all difficult to live with. Of course they need a light spot in order to be able to steal the show. The temperature in your home is probably already between 15 and 25 °C, so no worries there. And what housemate only needs to be fed a couple of times a month? The orchid really is an excellent addition to every home.