Guerlain & the orchid

The journey from orchid to skincare product

Cosmetics house Guerlain has its own very own orchidarium. They grow their own long-lasting orchids to use their extracts in their Orchidée Impériale cosmetic line.

Orchids: beautiful inside and out

Orchids originally grow in the wild, in rainforest environments. In its natural habitat, the orchid can grow to be eighty years old and still look fresh, due to its naturally high resistance to damaging climate influences.

Guerlain & the orchid

Guerlain’s orchidarium

Guerlain grows orchids in their own orchidarium in Geneva and at a nature reserve in TianZi (China). They cultivate two sorts of Vandas, a Dendrobium and the mysterious Gold Orchid, which they then study in the laboratory. 10 years of research has proven that the orchid contains elements which can act as a moisture barrier for the skin and reduce the effects of skin ageing. They've successfully extracted this from the flower, and added it to their cosmetics.

Skincare line Orchidée Impériale

The long life of the orchid is taken from the orchidarium, and ends up in your bathroom in the form of the skincare line Orchidée Impériale. The toner, concentrate, serum and mask harness the beauty of orchids for the benefit of our skin. Discover more about Orchidée Impériale products on the Guerlain website.

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