A hyacinth on your plate

Pink hearts and happy faces around the table

How can you win the hearts of your dinner guests? By serving them a hyacinth heart at Christmas or another festive celebration.

Copyright: Karin Foberg via Plazeinterior.se

A hyacinth heart

Surprise your guests with a pink heart on their plate. You can make the heart out of the flowers, also called claws, of the Hyacinth. In this case it's pink, but of course you can also get to work with the white, blue, yellow, pink, orange, red or purple variety  -take your pick!

This is what you'll need: 

  • Two hyacinths

  • Wire

  • A needle

  • Some manual dexterity

Een hart van Hyacint

How to make it 

Carefully remove the flowers from the hyacinth and use the needle to make a hole in them. Insert the wire through the hole and thus fill the whole piece of wire with flowers. When there are enough flowers on the wire, attach the ends and patiently and carefully bend it into the shape of a heart. You can find other fun 'hyacinths at the table' ideas at Plazainterior.se