Houseplant Hideout plants showcase

Learn about the plants in our Houseplant Hideout installation

The Houseplant Hideout showcases many different houseplants hand-picked by top botanist James Wong to create a rich, diverse biophilic indoor landscape blending different textures, leaf shapes, heights and colours. 

Not only do they look beautiful, they also boast myriad health and wellbeing benefits, from helping to remove harmful toxins from the air to boosting mood, improving productivity and promoting good sleep. We’ve picked a few of our favourite plant heroes and heroines below.

Houseplant Hideout plants showcase |

Fatsia Japonica 

Hailing from Japan and Korea, the Fatsia Japonica is an evergreen shrub which grows to about 2.5m high and is renowned for its glossy, dark, exotic-looking leaves. Preferring a shaded position, the Fatsia is a robust growing plant perfect for new plant parents. Sometimes called the Umbrella Plant, the architectural shape of the leaves makes the Fatsia an eye-catching focal plant whilst creating a sense of calm through the richness of its green coloured leaves. 

Strelitzia Nicolai 

The eye-catching Strelitzia, also known as the Wild Banana or Crane Plant, is recognisable for its broad leaves and towering stems. Strelitzia Nicolai makes a statement in a living or work space due to its exotic shapes and textures and bright blue and white flowers that bloom in springtime whilst its bold, smooth leaves brings serenity into the home. 

Howea Forsteriana

The Kentia Palm, or Howea forsteriana, sometimes called the Sentry Palm or Thatch Palm, is a popular indoor palm tree known for its air purifying benefits. With tall stems and lush, dark green leaves, this plant adds a touch of the exotic to a home or home working space – mentally transporting us to sunnier climes.  

Schefflera Actinophylla

Also known as the Umbrella Tree, owing to its broad, lustrous leaves. Native to Australia, Java, and New Guinea, Schefflera Actinophylla is resilient and fast-growing. Not only does this plant look stunning, it’s also a hard-worker, removing nasty toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene and helping boost productivity. 

Originating from South Africa, Strelitzia Reginae is the show-stopping orange flowering relative of the White Bird of Paradise. With vibrant flowers blossoming in spring and winter, the striking shape it makes resembles a tropical bird, adding a pop of exotic colour to your home or workspace and boosting your mental wellbeing. 

Aspidistra Elatior

Boasting elegant, long-stemmed foliage, Aspidistra Elatior adds a touch of graceful style to homes and workspaces, whilst being easy to care for. A firm favourite since the Victorian era, the Aspidistra Elatior thrives in spaces with low light and low air quality, and helps promote better sleep. 

Begonia Maculata

Often called the Polka Dot begonia, this splashy show-stopper packs a lot of features into its fine form, including silver polka dots, crimson undersides and sprays of open bell-like red or white flowers with a bright yellow centre. It introduces texture and a pop of colour to add interest to an indoor landscape and stimulate creativity. 

Other houseplants showcased in the Hideout include the glossy fernAsplenium Antiquum, Hart’s-tongue fern, Asplenium Scolopendrium, Angel’s tears, Soleirolia Soleirolii, the luminous leaves of the Dieffenbachia Reflector and vibrant Anita Pink Bromeliad adding a rich pop of colour amongst the lush green interior and brightening visitors’ moods!  

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