Fill the distance with spruce trees

A meaningful gift in winter
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This year we have seen friends and family less often, making the moments together even more valuable. If it's safe to do so, you could invite a few of your nearest and dearest over for a gathering round the bonfire, and separate out the chairs with tiny spruce trees. These little trees act as a festive partition between different households, and you can even give them to your friends as a gift this season. Its symbolism makes the spruce extremely appropriate at this time of year. 

Fill the distance with spruce trees |
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If there is one plant that brings people together and is bursting with charity, it's the Picea or spruce tree. This tree brings cosiness to our living rooms at Christmastime, and in these difficult times of physical and emotional distancing, these gestures of charity are more meaningful than ever before.

Which spruce will you choose?

Picea is a hardy coniferous evergreen, often with quintissential pinecones under the branches. The spruce often grows in a classic shape with layered branches that form a wreath around the trunk, but the tree also exists as a sphere, or a pyramid, or with branches that hang down.

There are plenty of varieties to choose from, and we haven't even touched on the height differences. Miniature spruces are perfect for decorating the patio around a firepit, creating a seasonal atmosphere outdoors during winter. In this way, charity and togetherness is extended into the garden, balcony or terrace, and if you give it as a gift to your friends, it will be a part of their lives, too.


The spruce is not just a symbol of Christmas. In Greek mythology, the tree belongs to Artemis, goddess of the moon. This association with light makes the tree a perfect choice for the dark days before Christmas. 


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