Ferns at your wedding

Celebrate love with the Fern
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The fresh green appearance of the Fern doesn’t only look fantastic in a pot, but the plant will also shine at your wedding. Ever thought of giving it a role on your wedding day?

Een Varen op je bruiloft Mooiwatplantendoen.nl
Celebrate love with Ferns at your wedding

Weddings & Ferns

Very trendy: Ferns at your wedding. You could use the decorative leaves of the plant as a design for your wedding invitations, or invite the Fern itself for the special day. Consider a role in your bridal bouquet, the corsages and/or the table decorations. Single, mixed with other foliage or lovely flowers will give an effect that will not be forgotten.

Green wedding inspiration

Are you curious as to how that would look? On the wedding site TheKnot.com you can read a whole article about Ferns on your wedding day with lovely, inspirational images.

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