Enjoy specialty palms in art

Dreams of far-off places and exotic adventures

Whether your taste is traditional, boho or modern, there’s a style of art to make your specialty palms shine even more. 

The effect of exclusive palms such as Fern palm, Livistona, Lady palm and Fishtail palm is even lovelier with a matching setting. Will it be abstract, or very detailed? Artists have been inspired by these fantastic plants for centuries, and a print can be ordered very easily nowadays. 

Vintage realistic 

The Palm House in Potsdam was an ‘exotic pleasure’ for King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia, who had it specially constructed for his collection of specialty palms, and also had it extensively painted. To liven things up, Blechen added some oriental ladies, since that was the essence of modernity at the time. Although this lovechild of Romanticism and Realism appears very classical, it will look great in an interior style which mixes old and new furniture, particularly in a simple Prussian gold frame alongside a Fishtail palm.  

Impressionist classical

Monet and Renoir travelled south in 1883, and were given permission to visit the Bordighera estate on the Italian Riviera. Monet described it as ‘an earthly paradise’ and painted it five times. This is the best-known version, with the blue and red tones of sunrise muted by the green palm leaves to create a very chic rainbow effect. It makes a lovely match with Lady palm.


Paul Gauguin travelled to the Pacific in 1891 in search of fresh, exotic inspiration, but also to escape European civilisation which he felt was ‘artificial and spiritually bankrupt’. Les Montagnes Tahitiennes was one of the first paintings that he painted on his beloved Tahiti. He intentionally used intense colours to express the joy and serenity which he believed the island radiated. Gauguin lived and worked there for the last 12 years of his life. Fern palm looks great with this picture.

Botanical abstract

Enlarged details and abstract botanical shapes are at the heart of James Burghardt’s work. The strong shape of Lady palm makes a great green companion. 

Minimalist modern

Sober, stylised, Zen - Linda Woods’ work radiates calm. Her delicate work contrast beautifully with the full leaves of Livistona.