From droopy to proud in an hour

What capillary action does for your Peace Lily
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The leaves and white petals of the Peace Lily are usually firmly upright, but sometimes they suddenly appear to be drooping and exhausted. Mood swings? Certainly not!

Forgiving Peace Lily

Be honest: when last did you water it? Oops… Luckily your Peace Lily is very forgiving, and you can quickly make amends. Pour on some water, or immerse the plant in a bowl of water: the leaves will be upright again in no time.

Root pressure and capillary action

But how does the water that you pour on the soil reach the leaves? That's due to capillary action. Do you remember that term from school? Root pressure pushes the water upwards, and it is then sucked up through the xylem vessels. The latter is called capillary action. It ensures that the plant has a good stretch, and you can breathe at ease again.

How quickly your Peace Lily recovers

This film shows how your Peace Lily transforms within an hour from a droopy, to a proud picture of health. Tip: such an easy-care plant is therefore also an excellent gift for the more neglectful plant lover.

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