Caring for your Calla Lily

This is how you will enjoy your slender Calla Lily for longer

Colourful, slender and with simple elegance: we are of course talking about the Calla Lily. With these tips you can enjoy each other’s company for longer.

Give something back to your Calla Lily

Did you know that your Calla Lily is not only beautiful but is also really healthy? Research has shown that having a plant on your desk ensures that you experience less stress and you are more able to be creative (Japanese research by Shibata & Suzuki – 2001; 2002; 2004). That makes this benefactor worth rewarding.

Verzorgingstips voor jouw Calla
With the right care you will enjoy your Calla Lily for longer

Caring for your Calla Lily

You will stay good friends with your plant by looking after it. How to care for your Calla Lily:

  • Place it in a light and relatively warm position (between 12 and 20˚C);
  • Give it water once or twice a week, with a bit of plant food;
  • Make sure the root ball doesn’t get too wet;
  • You can leave old flowers which turn green, but remove brown flowers;
  • This way your Calla Lily can flower from three to eight weeks.


And a styling tip

The colourful, slender Calla Lily looks great in simple, grey pots. Do you like simple shapes, but also natural materials? Why don’t you place your Calla Lilies in a wooden crate? Whichever pot you choose, ensure that the water can run away as the Calla Lily doesn’t like wet feet.

Verzorgingstips voor jouw Calla