Air-purifying art

The Peace Lily is at the heart of ANDREA
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Artist Mathieu Lehanneur has created an air-purifying work of art called ANDREA, which keeps the interior of your home nice and fresh, thanks to the Peace Lily and other top air-purifying plants.

ANDREA, an artwork featuring the Peace Lily

Although people don't think about on a daily basis, did you know that almost all the things around you (take a good look) give off emissions? Your fabric sofa, a plastic chair and even your wooden table emit harmful substances for the first few years after they've been made. And you breathe them in. Luckily help is at hand, in the form of ANDREA. This 'living' artwork has been created by artist Mathieu Lehanneur in collaboration with David Edwards of Harvard University. This stylish air filter absorbs harmful substances from the air using air-purifying plants such as the Peace Lily, the gerbera and the philodron. Their roots and leaves purify the air and give back clean air.

De Lepelplant staat centraal in ANDREA
Artist Mathieu Lehanneur

The ANDREA air purifier has been a great success: it has been included in the permanent collection of Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and was awarded the Best Invention Award in the 'Popular Science' category in the United States. Fitting recognition for the work of artist Mathieu Lehanneur, who likes to combine design and science, art and technology in order to improve people's surroundings. He designs for brands such as Veuve Clicquot, Issey Miyake, Nike and Cartier.

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