Spring 2016: a garden packed with secrets

Let your imagination run wild and stroll through your own fairytale

The garden is the ideal spot to let your imagination run wild for a modern ‘Sleeping Beauty meets Alice in Wonderland’ effect in which you can happily lose yourself. 

Spring 2016: a garden packed with secrets Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Picture this: you’re standing in your garden in the full moon and see the silver light reflecting from the water of a natural pond. The scent of flowers is in the air, you can feel cool moss beneath your feet, and abundant plants around you seal off the outside world so that this really is your own little world. This style trend turns your garden into an exciting experience in a different world, including during the day when the greenery mutes the sounds from outside. Use climbers such as evergreen clematis in order to create privacy, and fill a couple of hanging baskets with ivy and mini-petunias which hang down like flowering curtains and sway slightly in the breeze. Adopt hidden lighting and fade the sightlines with semi-transparent plants like low-hanging bacopa. By placing some whimsical large plants as well, such as a fig, you create a sense of depth and new surprises.        

Lentetrend 2016: the world beyond Mooiwatplantendoen.nl

Work with gloss and deep colours 

Combine deep saturated colours such as dark red pots with lavender, hyacinths, grape hyacinths and anemones. The dream effect is enhanced by shiny materials such as high-gloss pots or bowls with an iridescent effect filled with romantic vervain or a gnarly olive. Old urns and planters with spots and bacteria patterns also look very good. By placing or hanging scattered groups of garden cyclamen and mini-petunias in faded pink and purple, you reinforce the sense of an exciting fairy-tale garden. Blue conifers and juniper make an attractive backdrop. 

Give your garden a sense of drama 

The most common colours for creating this trend in the garden on your balcony are shown below. There’s a pastel section in which purple and lilac play the leading role, and a darker set with reds and greens as the dominant shades. The contrasts between these two colour schemes create a pleasant tension and an unrivalled effect in your garden or on your balcony. If you combine shades from the selection below, you will always achieve the desired mysterious effect. The colours suggested can easily be mixed for you at your local DIY or paint specialist shop. You can use our colour chart below with the recommended Pantone reference numbers to help you select the colour combinations to complement this 2016 style trend in your garden.

Pantone Reference Colour Chart  Thejoyofplants.co.uk