Sparkling Christmas Stars in the sky

Turn the world upside down with poinsettias

Creative Christmas tip: Christmas Stars floating above your table will definitely impress your family and friends. And after dinner all the guests can pick a plant from the ceiling and take it home. That will ensure extra brownie points from your friends.


Christmas Stars and the Sky Planter

Have you come across the Sky Planter? You can use it to hang plants upside down from the ceiling, so that you always have a perfect view of your plant's crown: in this case the Christmas Star (or poinsettia). At Christmas or some other celebration these pots and some red poinsettias create a sparkling sky full of Christmas Stars above your table.

And a Christmas Star on the table of course

You can place a small collection of cream poinsettias in various sizes on the table as a contrast. Grouped together, under a dome or in a long line down the centre: it's all 'eye candy'. At the end of your meal you can get your dinner companions involved by letting them choose a poinsettia to take home. A cream one for the small guests, and a red one for anyone who wants to stand on tiptoe to pick their plant. Then you can fill your Sky Planters with something new. This website will provide you with plenty of inspiration!

All about the poinsettia

The poinsettia dossier will tell you more about this remarkable plant with its showy bracts. So take a look in the plant guide, where you can also find out more about the dozens of other plants that we have demystified for you there.