DIY tip: Rugged Poinsettia holder

A soft Poinsettia in sturdy steel wire

The theatrical Poinsettia is defined by its soft red, pink or cream leaves. And because it brightens up your day, you might as well put it on a pedestal. You can do this with a holder made of strong steel wire. A rugged craft project!

This is what you need:

  • One or more poinsettias
  • Steel wire, available from DIY stores
  • A wire cutter
  • A pot
DIY-tip: Stoere Kerststerrenhouder

How to make it

DIY-tip: Stoere Kerststerrenhouder

Step 1

Fold the steel wire back on itself a number of times to create a foot. The foot needs to be a couple of centimetres taller than the plant pot. Once you've done that, do it again; make sure that the wire from the first foot carries on into the second foot. The wire between the two feet must be long enough to go around half the pot.

DIY-tip: Stoere Kerststerrenhouder

Step 2

Once you've made the two feet, wind the wire around the pot a few times and then make the other two feet. Once you have made all four feet, link all the feet together one more time by wrapping wire around all the feet roughly halfway down the foot.


DIY-tip: Stoere Kerststerrenhouder

Step 3

Once the frame is ready you can majestically place the pot into it. If you’ve got the hang of it and want to make more holders, it's fun to also vary the height.



Look at your poinsettia beaming! Want to find out more about the poinsettia? Then take a look at the Plant Guide.