The return of the Cacti

The cactus is currently experiencing a valiant come back and stealing the show at florists and garden centres. The colourful varieties especially are considered very vintage and extremely popular. Not only are they great for your own table but also as an original gift. There is a cactus for every occasion:

The Christmas Cactus

Have you been invited for Christmas dinner? Take a Christmas Cactus with you (yes, that is what it's called). It's one of the few plants that naturally flowers around Christmas and is therefore one of the ultimate festive floral presents (not to mention the houseplant of the month for November). 
The chrismas cactus

The ‘I’m so Sorry’ Cactus

Did you know you can also get cacti without spines? The Rhipsalis Casutha (also known as the mistletoe cactus) is an example. The perfect plant to help a spiteful or harsh remark to be forgotten.


Rhipsalis Casutha








The Birthday Cactus

The Gymnocalcium competes well with a bunch of flowers with its colourful tops. Choosing a couple of small ones and placing them together in a pot will guarantee a surprised reaction. 


De VerjaardagsCactus (Gymnocalcium)






















The Marriage Cactus

Nothing is as symbolic of a marriage as the Cereus cactus! Indestructible, it survives through good and bad times and produces, with the right care, beautiful flowers. There are of course a few spines – but they’re wonderful in their own way too right?


Trouwcactus (Zuilcactus)























The ‘No Reason’ Cactus

With the Rattail cactus, you can give something unique for no reason at all. It is a trailing cactus with really long ‘tails’ and produces beautiful bright pink flowers. 





Which is your favourite Cactus?

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