DIY gift tip

Knot a trendy plant hanger yourself

Fun to make yourself and to give as a gift: the trendy plant hanger by Skinny laMinx. Place the Christmas cactus in it, and it's ready.

DIY gift tip

The stems of the Christmas cactus can reach 60cm in length, so it’s quite a good idea to hang it up. Macramé plant hangers are really hip again and the South African blogster Heather from Skinny laMinx explains how easy it is to make one yourself. Fun for yourself or as a (Christmas) present, naturally with a Christmas cactus in it!

What do you need:

  • A metal or wooden ring
  • scissors
  • cotton or nylon string in your favourite colour
  • A Christmas cactus which you place carefully in it

See how you make the macramé plant hanger on the Skinny laMinx-website.