Regal Pelargonium

Trumpet shaped flowers, velvety soft leaves

The Regal Pelargonium loves nothing more than sitting with you in the spring sunshine. It also loves to be outdoors once the night frost has disappeared. Here it will show its true identity as Pelargonium grandiflorum. Just look at the magnificence of the flowers and the colours.

Regal Pelargonium (Pelargonium grandiflorum) 

The Regal Pelargonium is recognizable by its large trumpet shaped flowers which grow in clusters. These flowers have six flower petals and you can admire them in bright purple, bright pink, light pink, dark red, bright red and white. What's really different about this plant is that it’s not the flowers, but the velvety leaves that smell nice. That is one of the biggest differences between the Regal Pelargonium and the ‘common’ Geranium. The Geranium also copes with frost better than the Regal Pelargonium, which prefers more summer-like temperatures. That is why you can take it outdoors in nice weather conditions.

With the Dutch East India Company to Europe 

The Regal Pelargonium is a well-known inhabitant in the wild of southern Africa. Around the year 1600, Dutch East India Company ships travelled from the Cape of Good Hope and brought the plant to Europe, where it attracted the attention in a range of different botanical gardens. It is hardly surprising that with its southern roots, the Regal Pelargonium likes to be outside, once the night frost has disappeared.