Extravagant flowers and matching symbolism

Whether you call it the Regal Pelargonium or by its Latin name of Pelargonium grandiflorum, it will reward you with extravagant flowers and scented leaves.

Colours and shapes

The Regal Pelargonium has unmissable flowers that bloom in a trumpet shape. The flowers have six petals in bright purple, bright pink, pale pink, dark red, pillar box red or white. And the extravagance of the flowers is matched by the softness of the velvety leaves which also have a lovely scent. The plant is a fan of summer, so if the weather’s good bring this beauty outside with you.


The Regal Pelargonium symbolises true friendship. So it’s a perfect gift for current friends, or someone with whom you would like to be friends. Which means that the Regal Pelargonium is really a botanical friendship request.


The Regal Pelargonium initially grew wild in southern Africa. In around 1600 Dutch East Indies Company ships brought the plant from the Cape of Good Hope to Europe, where it’s was the star turn in various botanical gardens. Nowadays we place the plant indoors so that you can enjoy this African beauty all year round.