Heavenly Regal Pelargoniums

A sparkling pick-me-up for your home or workplace
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You can give your home or workplace a sparkling pick-me-up with Regal Pelargoniums. You just need to hang them up!

Hanging Regal Pelargoniums

You probably know the feeling: you look around your home or your workplace and suddenly you want it to look totally different. Luckily a little bit of effort goes a long way. For times like these, Thejoyofplants present the Heavenly Regal Pelargonium. A hanging houseplant which gives an instant 'oh la la' effect - and takes away the urge to repaint the walls or move all your furniture around.

Styling tip: hang up your plants 

By hanging up Regal Pelargoniums you can create a light, airy partition or lavishly brighten any dull corner. Use different heights in order to keep it playful, and opt for different colours of Regal Pelargoniums. You can also use pots and string in your favourite colour, or colours which will go well with your interior, or even colours which provide a nice contrast. One final tip: use decorative pots without holes, otherwise you will have a regular rain shower indoors.